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Hi! I’m Lilah, I noticed you checking me out... I’m a sexy, young, single cock-tease and I love it! I like to play with girls, but i like boys better! Being a hot little temptress gets my pussy dripping wet, and my partners always tell me I have the best tasting pussy they've ever had, which got me thinking... why not share it? Seduction is a true art, beautiful and powerful. I love seducing men and women with all my wiles and delicate perversions.

I've always had a love for feminine underthings. Admittedly, I have a bit of a fetish for hosiery on my long legs, corsets around my slim waist, slips over my perfect breasts, garters, bras, sexy socks and of course: my juicy ass in cute panties! Nothing makes me feel more desired than for someone to ask for a dirty little keepsake, like cum-soaked panties or torn stockings. It gets me so hot just wondering how you might play with my dirty things once you get them! My imagination runs wild....

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